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The Safest Swegway and Hoverboards in the UK

High-Performance 700W Direct-Drive Double Motor

With a raw 700 watts of instant force powered by two drive direct motors, this fresh, trailblazing swegway will have you reaching great speeds with awesome acceleration. The Skywalker hover boards range come in a variety of chic colours, so you’ll look stylish as you fly across grass, concrete and almost any uneven terrain at up to 20 km/h. The Skywalker self balancing scooter is a certified, brilliant machine that is the safest of its kind. Buy the future of transportation and get your very own swegway style hoverboard from Skywalker UK today!

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Travel Up To 12 miles Of a Single Charge!

Necessary to maintain high performance, but also a long life, a normal battery can not solve the problem. Designed for high-performance the Sky Walker is equipped with a 18650 lithium battery pack which only takes 2-3 hours to fully recharge!

The team at Sky Walkers have taken additional steps and precautions to ensure the Safety of the batteries by using the highest form of certification possible such as CE, FCC, MSDS, UN38.3, UL and IEC 62133 while also incorporating Protection PCB chipsets to ensure the safety of the product.

  • SAA Approved Australian Certified SAA
  • SAA Approved Battery Highest Protection
  • You can travel up to 12 miles on a single charge and it takes 2-3 hours to recharge

  • Sky Walker is incredibly easy to use and requires virtually no skill

  • The self-balancing gyro is active the moment you step on

  • To move forward, simply lean forward, to slow down, stop or go backwards, lean back

  • Turning is just a case of leaning left and right

  • How fast can it go?
  • The Sky Walker can reach a top speed of 10-12 miles per hour.

  • How long will it take to receive my Sky Walker ?
  • After ordering your Sky Walker please allow up to 7 business days for your order to be shipped. Please contact our office if you DO NOT receive your Sky Walker within 12 days of purchase. (Please note that some orders may be slightly delayed due to order volume).

  • Is it legal to use the Sky Walker on streets and/or sidewalks ?
  • The Sky Walker has a very compact footprint, (a little wider than an average person's shoulders). It can be used very easily on sidewalks, streets and other public places however please check with your local authorities to ensure that it is not illegal to operate your Sky Walker on public sidewalks. Just be sure to watch out for traffic and pedestrians.

  • How much weight can the Sky Walker support?
  • Sky Walker ModelWeight limit
    4.5” Kids Sky Walker 35 lbs to 130 lbs
    6.5” Sky Walker 55 lbs to 265 lbs
    8” Sky Walker 55 lbs to 285 lbs
  • How does it handle wet weather?
  • Sky Walker is IP54 rated which means it can handle dust and splashes of water. We strongly recommmend not riding in inclement weather or near puddles.
  • How long does it take to reach a full charge ?
  • The Sky Walker takes 3 hours to fully charge. Please do not charge your Sky Walker for longer then 3 hours (This will enhance battery life).

  • How does it handle bumps, cracks and curbs - is there any kind of suspension ?
  • Although there is not a suspension system, these strong tires are no joke! The Sky Walker can handle bumps, cracks and other small changes of surface up to 1/2-1 inch very well. We recommend paying close attention to your surroundings & ending your knees, as your knees act as your suspension.
  • How much weight can the Sky Walker support?
  • Yes. Sky Walkers are safe for children with a weight balance of 55 lbs and over. The Kids 4.5” Sky Walker is best for children under the age of 8 and accommodate for those under 55 lbs. Sky Walkers recommend adult supervision for ages 16 and under.

  • How long does the battery last?
  • The battery has a range of 12 miles depending on the speed you are travelling.

  • What is the return policy?
  • Sky Walkers cannot accept refunds for simple change of mind. If you receive your Sky Walker and it is defective, please refer to our Returns/ Warranty policy. Before returning any Sky Walker, please contact our customer service by email to be directed correctly.

  • How much weight can it support?
  • The Sky Walker can support up to 265 lbs.

  • Can I ride up hills?
  • The Sky Walker can climb up and down practically any hill. Climbing down hills is just as easy with the ability to stop and effortlessly control the speed of your decline.

  • Which is the front and back of the Sky Walker?
  • The Sky Walker can be ridden either way you choose! Ride the Sky Walker with the blue LED lights at the front to light up the path ahead of you or have the lights turned the other way to create an illuminating effect as you Sky Walk past people!

  • Is the Sky Walker easy to use?
  • The Sky Walker usually takes 3-5 minutes on average just to get comfortable with the sensation of being on a self balancing device. The Sky Walker is a very intuitive device, so once you relax and become accustomed to the feeling, you can exepect to be proficient within 20-30 minutes.
  • How much energy does it take to ride a Sky Walker?
  • Sky Walker is designed to provide an easy and almost effortless riding experience. That being said, if you get tired please be sure to step off and take a break.

  • How do I control the Sky Walker?
  • The Sky Walker uses unique weight stabilising technology and independently controlled wheels to allow you to effortlessly and swiftly manoeuvre around. The Sky Walker senses slight movements in your feet to guide itself without you barely moving a muscle, it’s almost as if you are thinking your way around. Simply lean your bodyweight forward to go forward and bring your bodyweight back to centre and the Sky Walker will come to a stop or go backwards. The Sky Walker pivots in the middle, which means if you press your weight down to one side it will rotate.